Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.

Benjamin Franklin

Marketing a book is the one activity that stumps many authors. For those who need some assistance, we are pleased to offer a range of services that will compliment your own activities. From help with creating your marketing ‘angle’ through to the creation and supply of marketing materials to spread your message, Indie-Go offers a range of services.

Author websites

We offer a cost-effective but flexible author website design and hosting service, designed to suit each author’s needs. Find out more here

Press release writing and/or distribution

Writing a Press Release takes a particular set of skills, as you’re aiming it at professional journalists who receive hundreds of releases a week. It has to stand out… but getting that Press Release into the right hands is the other half of the battle. Sending 100 releases to the wrong recipient will give a 0% success rate; sending one release to the right recipient gives 100% success.

Indie-Go offers a Press Release writing service undertaken by publishing industry professionals. We write a Press Release in consultation with you of up to two pages in length, which includes full details of your book, and which takes a ‘newsworthy’ angle that we hope will interest journalists.

We can then send this to you to send out to the media, or we can send it out through our industry-standard media service. We distribute the press release to selected recipients using our specialist media distribution service, Roxhill (used by all major publishers to send news about new titles to opted-in journalists). Any requests for contact are sent to you to follow up direct.

Press Release Writing: £150.00

Press Release Distribution: £150.00

Social media graphics

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are essential tools for indie authors, but did you know that graphical posts achieve far more traction than simply posting text? Creating professional-looking graphical material for social media is essential. We offer a social media graphics creation service, where we design and create as many marketing images for you to post on your social media accounts as you like. Graphics can include static images, animated cover ‘reveal’ images, moving GIF images or even email widgets.

Graphics start at 3 for £50.

Marketing materials

We offer a wide range of printed and display items with which you can promote your work at author signings, in bookshops and at events. From pop-up banners to postcards, bookmarks to leaflets, book trailers to showcards, our professionally designed marketing materials will give you the edge when you’re promoting your work.

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