Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.

Anton Chekhov

In commercial publishing, an author’s manuscript will go through a process of editorial assessment by an independent reader (an opinionated edit), then be edited for sense, continuity and grammar (a copy edit), and finally, it will be checked after typesetting for any remaining errors (a proof read).

Independent and self-publishing authors often overlook editorial processes, but they are a vital element of what makes successful books successful. Authors are usually too close to their work to be an objective judge, which is where unbiased editorial input by an experienced editor can be of enormous benefit.

At the very least, every manuscript should be edited for grammar, sense, continuity, spelling and punctuation… authors are very good at reading what they think they have written rather than what is actually down on the page! Indie-Go offers three levels of editorial service for manuscripts: an Opinionated Edit; a Copy Edit; and a Proof Read. We also offer a Book ‘Blurb’ writing service.

How it works

Below we outline the types of editorial work we can undertake for you. The cost of our editorial services will depend upon the word count in your manuscript. To get a costing, simply go to our Quotes page, choose the editorial service you require, enter your word count and we’ll cost out the work required, giving you an instant, no-obligation quotation.

If you are happy with the quotation, you can place your order online, or contact us direct if you want to discuss any aspect of the services chosen.

Opinionated edit

An opinionated edit provides feedback from our editor on the content of what you have written.

In an opinionated edit, the editor will ensure that your text is suitable for your target audience, will highlight areas of plot, pace and characterization that do not ring true and which need attention, and will look at the dialogue and tackle its content and pace.

The editor will mark all changes on an electronic copy of your manuscript so that you can see exactly what changes have been suggested. The editor will also supply global notes on structure, style, narrative and potential problems, but the editor will not rewrite your manuscript for you.

This is an independent, in-depth look at your manuscript by an experienced editor, which aims to provide an unbiased, realistic view of your manuscript by a publishing professional. Note that the Opinionated Edit also includes a Copy Edit.

Time required: four to five weeks

Copy edit

A copy edit involves an editor working through your manuscript word by word, checking for spelling, grammar, sense and consistency.

Our editor checks for consistency of character and plot, and will highlight anything they feel is repetitive or unclear. The editor will not rewrite your text, nor comment upon your plot or writing. A copy edit is not the same as an editor working with you to write your manuscript; it is a check for clarity of presentation and consistency.

Our editor will mark suggested changes on an electronic copy of your manuscript (usually MS Word) so that you can see exactly what has been altered. The editor may also give global notes for you to consider. The marked up version of your manuscript is then emailed back to you as author so that you can incorporate those changes suggested by the editor as you see fit. It is your decision on what changes you wish to accept from the copy editor.

Time required: four to five weeks

Proof read

A proof read is carried out after your book has been typeset. The reader will check for any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors, along with any issues created during the typesetting process. The reader will not comment on writing style, clumsy language or inconsistencies.

A proof read is really a last chance to catch any remaining errors in your typeset book; it is not a substitute for a more in-depth copy edit, which should be carried out prior to typesetting.

Time required: four to five weeks

'Blurb' writing

Authors are often too close to their writing to create concise, enticing and exciting cover ‘blurb’. Our experienced editors can create great book cover blurb that will appeal to readers and help sell your book to book buyers.

Time required: one week

Cost: £40

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