Lovers of print are simply confusing the plate for the food.

Douglas Adams

Many self-publishing authors publish first in ebook format, but then find that readers are hard to find. Just publishing an ebook isn’t enough, it has to stand out from the thousands of new ebooks published each week. Good ebook ‘cover’ design and accurate file formatting and conversion to Kindle and ePub formats is essential in producing an ebook that the retailers will work with. And it’s essential to know how to work with ebook retailers, their processes for choosing which ebooks to highlight and how to get reviews…

Indie-Go’s Ebook Department offers in-house ebook cover design and formatting, plus a marketing service to help get your ebook noticed.

eBook formatting

There are automatic online ebook conversion tools out there, but they tend to output to one format only and usually result in ebook files that are strewn with errors. Indie-Go’s Ebook Department are specialists in creating quality ebook files that are correctly formatted to Kindle and ePub standards.

Creation of an ebook includes:

  • Formatting of final manuscript supplied ready for conversion
  • Conversion to the latest industry-standard ePub and Kindle ebook formats
  • In-house quality checks on a variety of ereaders and devices
  • E-proof file sent for author approval

The cost of ebook conversion will depend upon the complexity of the book and its length, but starts at £140.

eBook cover design

Ebook cover design tends to be different to regular book cover design because of the limitations of the online sizing available with most e-retailers. Our team of in-house designers is experienced in making the most of the limited space available to give your ebook cover visual impact and attract attention. Using either your own image supplied or an image(s) bought from millions available at a discounted rate to our authors, our designers will produce a professional bespoke cover design for your ebook.

Cover design starts at £100, depending on the work required.

Worldwide distribution

As an indie author you can benefit from our parent company’s extensive distribution network in the UK and overseas. We make your ebook available through all the major ebook retailers, including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, OverDrive, Gardners and Everand. We also offer distribution worldwide through hundreds of e-retailers via our aggregators. In addition, we offer access to the huge ebook library market through our distribution links with wholesalers and specialist ebook suppliers.

Our eBook distribution service covers:

  • Distribution to ebook retailers and library suppliers worldwide
  • Secure Digital Rights Managed (DRM) files to minimise piracy
  • Inclusion of your ebook on our webshop, with links to key retailers for purchasing
  • 85% of net sales receipts
  • 24/7 access to sales data via our website (NB. Not linked live to retailers)
  • Quarterly royalty statements and payment

eBook distribution costs £80.00 for a period of two years.

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